Trading Fees Features
1 Binance Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Standard: 0.10%
When using BNB for transaction fees: 0.05%
High security
Mobile application
Hundreds of cryptos
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2 Bitmex Exchange Maker fees: -0.0250%
Taker fees: 0.0750%
Leverage trading
High liquidity
Great UI
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3 Coinexchange Maker and taker fees: 0.15% Tons of cryptocurrencies
Fully anonymous
Good security
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4 Cryptopia Trading Maker and taker fees: 0.20% Huge selection of cryptos
Easy to use
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5 Bitfinex Exchange Taker fees: 0 - 0.1%
Maker fees: 0.1 - 0.2%
One of the biggest
Top-notch UI
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6 Kucoin Exchange Maker and taker fees: 0.10% Good privacy
Exclusive cryptos
Mobile application
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7 Bitstamp Exchange Depending on volume: 0.10 - 0.25% Well known
Easy to use
Mobile application
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8 Gdax Exchange Taker fees: 0.10 - 0.30% (depending on volume)
Maker fees: 0%
Superb trading platform
0% Maker fees
Great security
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9 Kraken Exchange Taker fees: 0.10 - 0.26% (depends on volume)
Maker fees: 0 - 0.16% (depends on volume)
Good UI
Leverage trading
24/7 Support
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10 Bit-Z Exchange Maker and taker fees: 0.10% Long list of cryptos
Good privacy
Mobile application
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Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Cryptocurrencies were booming in 2017 and will expand even more in 2018, and further of course. Since the market is a fresh and the environment is still under a heavy development, a lot of traders are a bit confused which way they should go. A lot of cryptocurrency trading platforms appeared after such fast market growth. That is why very important to find a trustworthy and reliable trading service provider. It is a bit different from the platforms most Forex or stocks traders are used to. Every trading site has its own features, supported cryptos (called altcoins as well), requirements for traders by the country and volume.

Knowing the fact that Bitcoin and altcoins prices are super volatile, the market goes blazing fast and needs many trades during the day. That's why fees rate gets an impressive importance here. Even a small percentage can take away your hard earned profit without even noticing. Also, the number of active users has a strong point, because of liquidity trades can stay unfilled for hours what increases a chance of suffering losses way too easily.

Furthermore, consider all the features the trading site provides. Starting with a user interface, ending with checking what graphics tools it has. A mobile application is probably one of the most important features nowadays. Some of them have a leveraged trading available as well.

Finally, due to different laws and regulations by the country, some trading sites do not accept customers from specific regions. However, cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Binance or Coinexchange do not apply any qualifications. Others recommend using VPN to avoid unexpected cases of an unreachability. On the other hand, please consider cryptocurrencies trading as a very high-risk activity which may lead to financial losses. And please do your own research before stepping into a market like this.